The History of Venersborg Church

We at Venersborg Church would like to welcome you to the Community of Venersborg. The community got its start in the late 1800’s when J.C. Lanerberg bought land from the original homesteaders, the railroad, and the government. He formed a company and sold land in ten acre plots. He specifically advertised in Swedish in many of the large U.S. cities to take advantage of the many incoming Swedish immigrants. Therefore, most of the original settlers were Swedish.

They cleared the land of 6′ diameter firs and cedars and tried to make a living farming. Perhaps the community’s heyday was when Italian prunes were grown and dried. This was one of the popular dried fruits before canning and refrigerators were economical. Fires, wars, depressions, and the recent housing boom have made it practical to change from farming to building rural homesites.

There were two churches in the early days representing denominations from the old country. One faded away and the other dropped its affiliation. The two buildings have been joined to form what is an independent community church. We are a Bible believing, Bible preaching church interested in providing Biblical solutions to the problems confronting the families of Venersborg. Our ultimate goal is to work as a unit to glorify God, love our fellow men, and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all our neighbors.

Our door is open to all, and we invite you to stop by and look us over. We’re just as friendly as those old-timers (at least according to some of their descendants in our group) and we’d like to prove it and live up to the name of Venersborg, roughly translated – friendly haven.