Here’s  what Phip 2:3,4 says “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of regard one another as more important than himself; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” The second greatest commandment is to love our neighbor. If we know our neighbor ignores or rejects God’s offers and tries to make it through this life with his own do it yourself kit, the evil one will set up some (fake) rewards that will provide him with results he may be seeking so he will continue his approach. But God has the final say and after warnings, He will create circumstances (those ‘rewards’ will rust, decay, disappear) and that will often put a man flat on his back so the only way to look is up (to God). These are painful experiences and one that God often uses here in Venersborg is the loss of good health to catch man’s attention. For example, there is hardly a family that hasn’t had cancer cross their path and if our neighbor won’t pay attention and his time on earth ends, the end results are catastrophically indescribable in the Lake of Fire.

If we believers are to look out for the best interest of our neighbor with a motivation of (the true kind of) love, then we won’t sit idly by and let him step into a lifestyle we know will cause him harm. We will at least warn him and let him know there is another way, God’s way. It’s like if I walk by Tom’s house at night when all are asleep and see it on fire and continue to walk saying to myself, ‘wow, that sure is too bad and it was a nice house too, to bad for Tom that he had to go that way’ and do nothing, what kind of love is that? What kind of a neighbor would that be? It would be expected to go beat on the door and scream out to Tom ‘Your house in on fire, get out now’ with strong concern for his life. In the same way if I walk by Tom and note that he is oblivious to spiritual awakening but the flames of the Lake of Fire are figuratively licking at his feet and I don’t warn him, what kind of love of a neighbor is that? Once becoming a believer we should at least have enough concern for fellow mankind to warn him of God’s just righteous law that demands death for the punishment for sin which is eternal suffering in the Lake of Fire and tell him there is a way to be pardoned from that punishment. This act is called ‘evangelism’, just telling others of God’s offer.

Some of the key elements of salvation are;

  1. Believe in God, that He is truth and righteousness, that He takes no pleasure in the death of anyone
  2. Understand that man has the disease of sin that has invaded all of his heart and death is scheduled
  3. Believe that out of love, God sent His Son, Jesus, to take on Himself the just due punishment (death, the spiritual portion) God requires of man for committing sin, allowing men to kill Him on a cross so man wouldn’t have to go to the Lake of Fire, and with that payment complete, God raised Jesus to His right hand in Heaven.
  4. Telling God you believe these facts, asking Him for forgiveness for sins, ask His help to repent (leave and pursue) from a selfish self-centered lifestyle and act upon the principles of His word (the Bible).
  5. Ask God to provide a maturing environment including a gathering of Bible believing believers worshipping Him.