From the Scriptures we found little to support the concept of a membership list. Weighing the pro’s & con’s, we lean to calling those who attend regular attenders. We noted that when men count their numbers (like David’s census I Chron 21:1-17) it can become a snare as they depend on the manpower they count for finances, for supplies, for work, for doing things under the power of men rather than seeing the hand of God do impossible things. God kept telling Gideon he had too many people for the task God had for him (Judg 7:4). Man is so quick to depend on the visible of what he has and we would likely do the same. The apostle’s took inventory and found 5 small loaves of bread and 2 small fish and yet, He fed over 5,000 men (and possibly their families) with this small boy’s lunch (John 6:9,10). And man is so quick to give himself credit for any accomplishments such that there is little need for God. A membership list can be done properly but it’s still something that can creep into decision making by bringing in the visible resources which tends to influence our decisions.

There is little support for voting as our Book of Instruction (Bible) is complete, needs no discussion, and has no options. Voting can default to a popularity contest and while all believers are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, not all are operating under His influence at times. The Bible provides the basic goals and shows the principles to achieve them leaving the details of the local circumstances to the local church to Biblically apply them getting counsel from the regular attenders, mature believers, and Godly others, asking God for guidance through prayer, and understanding God’s will by diligent study of the Bible and it’s examples, parables, and teachings. A regular attender is invited to contribute and participate as the Lord leads because He has equipped His Church with gifts to men, all we do is find them and encourage them to use

Venersborg Church considers it practical to take advantage of the country’s protections from such things as unbeliever lawsuits against the regular attender by utilizing incorporation with Washington State. One of the rules for that is to have an operational system the does not violate state laws in which an incorporated entity has things like presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers with public meetings etc. functioning as a useful law abiding group. This relieves the personal responsibility of a regular attender for instance, in a lawsuit situation. We comply with those with our Board of Elders operating as close to the Scriptures as we can determine. Our constitution outlines our church government and how the church operates and decides on things matching Biblical principles. It is available upon request.

Venersborg Church maintains a list of regular attenders and it is available at the Church. This is to maintain the proper use of it as certain others take online lists for pyramid marketing schemes, real estate sales purposes, and other unwanted uses. We want to honor everyone’s proper use of their name and address.