Our Mission

The Church’s mission is defined by Jesus in the Bible. He states the church is His and He is the head of it. He outlines it uniquely such that the objectives are clear and unchanging but the techniques for achieving them have degrees of freedom to adapt to the local congregation’s timing, location, and manpower within the spiritual circumstances of its local community. Those degrees of freedom are governed by applicable timeless principles given by teachings, parables, and examples from the Bible.

The high level mission statement is to:

  1. Love God with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our soul, with all our might.
  2. Love our neighbor as ourselves

To focus on achieving those, Venersborg Church provides services and meetings where we;

  1. Acknowledge God’s creation, His moral laws, His requirements for eternal life, His meeting those requirements through Jesus, His will for mankind, man’s only acceptable response, and His plans for the future for all of creation. These subjects are covered in His Book, the Bible, and with His help through His Holy Spirit we can understand truths about God, apply them to ourselves, and mature in Christlike characteristics resulting in increasing admiration and love for Him.
  2. Extend love to our neighbors by telling them how to avoid the horrendous penalty for not receiving God’s forgiveness for each man’s efforts to live by his own do it yourself techniques. If we really love our neighbor and we are truly looking out for his best interest, then we will avoid enabling and provide him the information about Jesus and His salvation so they can avoid the Lake of Fire as well as how to apply the principles of Scriptures for a meaningful life here and now.

Church is not about building empires, promoting men, providing extracurricular spiritual information, building financial dynasties, warm, fuzzy feel good presentations, popularity, self promotions, mega facilities, etc. , but rather, it’s all about God, of God, from God, by God, for God, through God, and Him only.