Puzzling Scripture Analysis

OK, all you budding theologians, we have a portion of scripture below that needs careful analysis to unpack what the Lord wanted to convey to us. Get out your concordances, Bible Encyclopedias, Bible dictionaries, parallel Bible translations, interlinears, internet sources, and even perhaps some commentaries (but save them for last). Try to come to your own conclusions from the context, the outline, the purpose, word meanings, similar Biblical accounts, and other evidence from the Scriptures and provide an answer. After sufficient time, we’ll summarize and propose an understanding for your consideration.

I John 5: 6-8

The Scripture indicates 3 things bear witness, water, blood, and the Holy Spirit.

1. What is the context?

2. What is the main point Jesus is trying to convey?

3. What are the water and the blood?

4. How do these two ‘bear witness’?

5. What would the early New Testament reader understand and how does it apply to him and us today?

Here’s what I have grasped from this Scripture (folks would answer in a space provided)

 The context is ……….

 The main point is ……………

 The water is ………….

 The blood is ………….

 These two are evidences that the reader would know ……………..

 We can apply these now by …………….

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