Background Of A Regular Attender

Probably of all the current regular attenders, there are few duplications of spiritual backgrounds. There are  (ex) Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, Evangelical Free, Evangelical Covenant, Nazarenes, Mormons, and probably more. Some of these folks were ‘raised in the church’ and others not, but being raised in a church won’t get anyone into heaven. Many knew about God through their religious background but didn’t know Jesus as the Bible describes.

We understand from the Scriptures that Jesus indicated that He came for the sinner, not for the righteous. In other words, He came for the bad guys, He talked to the bad guys, He ate with the bad guys, He loved the bad guys. If you are in a solid Biblical church we are thrilled and would want you to be an active participant in it and making headway with your neighbors as you present the Gospel to them. We would challenge those in good Bible believing, Bible practicing churches as well as ourselves to be effective in God’s business as described in II Pet 1:5-8.

It’s the bad guys we’re interested in because we understand we, too, are part of the bad guy group, still a sinner but with a pardon. If ‘circumstances’ have brought you to a point of spiritual awakeness, perhaps God will use Venersborg Church to assist you in finding Jesus. You won’t know until you come our way. Most Christians are too timid to come to you and it behooves you to really examine anyone coming to your door as many false religions send out their folks to pull you in with smooth talk and attractive literature. Use the brain cells God gave you.

Nowhere does God require anyone to do anything prior to coming to Him and even though some of our broken lives still comes back to haunt us cause us to put foot in mouth, we too, try our best not to put false road blocks in your spiritual search. Come as you are, it’s what’s in the heart that counts, it’s not cleaning up your life first, quitting bad habits, or anything like that. And after meeting Jesus, He will lead you as to what to do with your current lifestyle and those things will fall into place matching the Scriptures , not man’s phony rules.

Venersborg Church (not the building, but the regular attenders) doesn’t claim to have all the answers, do everything right, treat all correctly, not do hypocritical things, and we continue to sin and fail, but we know the One who continues to forgive and give us another chance. But if you ignored the first chance you may not get a second. Doesn’t matter what your background is, we think you still may find a ‘friendly haven’ within the group.  See you soon and we’ll talk about that first chance.